How long have david henrie and lucy hale been dating Sexaunties

As of July 2014, David Henrie and Lucy Hale remain exes. With Lucy Hale's recent debut country album however, David Henrie has been publicly supportive of her music career while maintaining that they remain just friends. Hale is set to portray the title character Katy Keene in an upcoming The CW series Katy Keene (2020).

A: No, Selena and David have no Love Relationship together. If you have seen any pictures of them together, that is not Selena Gomez. Lucy looks like Selena in some pictures, but it doesn't always mean it's Selena. After their brake up, David dated Selena Gomez but it didn't last for to long as she quickly moved on to Justin Beiber.

the mysterious woman no one will ever ever find out who she is. As for David people think he should date Jenifer Stone. Plus the Youtube page that has a pic of them kissing is not Selena Gomez!!!

Then they broke up and now Selena dates Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez has a boyfriend and it's NOT David Henrie.

and other guest roles on shows such as Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, The O. She appeared in two episodes on both television shows Wizards of Waverly Place as Miranda Hampson and How I Met Your Mother as Katie Scherbatsky.

In 2007, Hale appeared in NBC's short-lived series Bionic Woman, a re-imagining from the 1976 series of the same name.

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