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Tawahka is a Macro-Chibchan language that is very closely related to Sumo, which is spoken in Nicaragua. Misquito is a Macro-Chibchan language, although most Misquitos speak fluent Spanish.The Misquito population is about thirty-four thousand.Only those in Montaña de la Flor still speak the Tol (Jicaque) language, which is in the Hokan family.The Jicaque group in Yoro is much larger and has been almost completely assimilated into the national culture.The Garífuna population is about one hundred thousand.The Bay Islanders are an English-speaking people who are long settled in the Caribbean.

The Tawahka are a native people in the department of Gracias a Dios in the Mosquitia. The Misquitos are a native people with some African and British ancestry who reside in the department of Gracias a Dios in the Mosquitia.The Lenca are a native people in the departments of La Paz, Intibucá, and Lempira, as well as some other areas.The Lenca language is extinct, and culturally the Lenca are similar in many ways to the other Spanish-speaking people in the country.The Garífuna people live along the Caribbean Coast of Central America, from Belize to Nicaragua.The Miskito and Tawahka people live in the rain forests of the eastern lowlands, and in similar lands in neighboring areas of Nicaragua.

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