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Investigating homicides alongside the hard-boiled police detective Geordie Keating (Robson Green) gives Sidney the opportunity to practice the radical empathy he preaches from the pulpit as he weighs the law against religious doctrine and his own sense of right and see brilliant female detectives subvert the patriarchy in 1950s London.

Nine years after they cracked enemy codes at the secret intelligence center Bletchley Park, the show’s restless heroines escape their comparatively constricted postwar lives by untangling complex crimes through collaboration, pattern recognition and tenacity.

Despite the presence of modern technology — Watson has a blog now instead of a diary; Sherlock tracks killers using GPS — the most important crime-solving device is still the one whirring between the ears of our deductive hero.

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Ghosts wrestle with past trauma, werewolves have anger issues and vampires are essentially you’re looking for a noir-tinged procedural with feminist leanings and complex characters.There’s a feminist angle inherent in this premise, and each multi-episode mystery plays it up without reducing the characters’ struggles to simplistic empowerment narratives.Along with fighting the violence and corruption that often spring from misogyny, the women of Bletchley persist in their investigations despite constant condescension from men who always underestimate them.(She later played Harry Potter’s mother.) Although the depth of Fitz's flaws set him apart from most TV detectives, "Cracker" is still a pleasingly old-fashioned mystery — he's like Columbo with multiple a groundbreaking crime drama whose troubled detective was ahead of her time. More personal than political, “Prime Suspect” remains a masterful portrait of a complicated woman fighting tooth and nail for both justice and the respect she the idea of a grown-up “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” appeals to you.The two shows take similar approaches to supernatural story lines, pitting scrappy casts of crusaders against various forces plotting destruction on a global scale — and lightening the mood with lots of witty banter between friends.

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