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I am sure they have invested quite a lot of money into this’s kind of scary. Were you ever instructed to send your family an email to end communication and do they tell you how long you’re supposed to be away from them? I’m happy to answer any questions you may have but prefer to message you privately.The only way I can think of to do that (without putting my personal info on here) is for you to message me privately on the following link If you click on my name on the top of my post (my name on there is “link” then you should be able to message me privately. There is a lot of valuable information on "the cult forum" that others have linked to about this group.Giving people medications, tellling them it is a chemical imbalance for huge fees is insane.We live in an insane society and that is why scam outfits are able to thrive.I’ve heard some pretty sketchy stuff about this group and I’m in desperate need of more information. Did your brother happen to join a "Real Love" group that was formed through his church?

As a matter of fact the cult forum website alluded to here in other posts is trolled by "counselors" trying to make money off anyone that posts there so be careful about that too..

"I guess we each have our To me there is “the” truth. As random examples you may like to check up on Heather Locklear and Britney Spears who have both had the very best psychiatric and psychological counseling money can buy for over 10 years and by all accounts remain batshit crazy.

Heather Locklear now being involuntarily locked up [5150] by her psychiatrist.

Just as it’s ignorant to think therapy and counseling is also the end all be all and it will hold all the answers and solutions for your life.

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