Good intimidating songs

Dre's "California Love."These are both memorable songs, but for fans and fighters, there are some songs that bring about an eerie feeling of greatness.

When the speakers blast these tunes, you know that you are about to witness something otherworldly.

There has never been a more controversial figure in the sport than "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy," Tito Ortiz.

Years ago, Ortiz instilled fear in his opponents with his world class wrestling, vicious ground-and-pound and everlasting cardio.

The debate of which fighter has the upper hand begins long before a fighter steps into the ring or cage.

With the right body language and entrance music, a fighter can quickly become an early favorite amongst fans as he or she struts down the aisle.

Eminem's "Mosh" song is about standing up and never backing down, which are two things Ortiz has done his entire career.

Any track from Metallica can instill fear in most people, but it's a completely different story when the legendary band is coupled with a behemoth like Brock Lesnar.

And while some of the actual fighters on this list are indeed intimidating themselves, this is not a list of intimidating fighters. So I don't want to hear your complaints about Wanderlei Silva not being on here.

Over the years, some songs have become synonymous with certain fighters.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is known for coming out to 50 Cent's "God Gave Me Style." Bantamweight contender Urijah Faber has always wowed the Pacific crowd with 2Pac and Dr.

I realize his song may inspire fear from a simple Pavlovian standpoint, but come on. Let's start this off with a bang and one of the most intimidating and best overall entrance songs in history.

"Sandstorm" is like the least intimidating entrance song ever, at least outside the humor category. In addition, a note of respect and farewell to Nick "The Ninja of Love" Denis, the hard-hitting Canadian who unexpectedly retired yesterday at age 29.

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