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Stewart says yes and acknowledges that in general, she’s perceived to be a closed-off person, but that she’s working on it.

“It’s funny: By putting up walls, you think you’re protecting yourself, but you get to live less,” says Stewart.

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However, his duet with Meester titled “Give In to Me” is his only track to chart as a single on the Billboard Hot 100.

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund are in the middle of a game of Q&A chicken.

They’re sitting in a courtyard at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons on a hot November morning, staring at each other over a small table, waiting for the other one to crack first and answer my question.

The winner of the 2011 ‘Actor of the Year’ Young Hollywood Award, Hedlund is also adored by millions for his beautiful green eyes and charming personality.

Sources told the outlet that the “American Horror Story” co-stars had been heading towards a breakup after their 7-year relationship, but that it wasn’t a bad split. The sources also said Peters has reportedly moved out.

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