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In side-by-side, Windows stores multiple versions of a DLL in the subdirectory of the Windows directory, and loads them on demand.This reduces dependency problems for applications that include a side-by-side manifest.The disk usage reported by these two programs is as if each hard link is an actual file.Quite a number of applications in Windows Server 2016 / Windows 10 require . Mount the ISO image containing the distribution as a virtual drive (e. You can install the component using the GUI or Power Shell. In this window you have to specify the path to the Sx S folder of your Windows Server 2016 distribution image. It is much easier to install Net Framework 3.5 Features using Power Shell started with the administration privileges.

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The URN associated with Sx S manifests is "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1".Windows 8 integrates repair capability to the DISM tool which is now able to copy valid OS files from Windows Update or an offline WIM image, as well as reset the component store to only contain the latest versions of OS components.DIR and Explorer fail to check for hard links, and so may count the same file multiple times, adding incorrectly to the perceived disk usage.When the operating system loads the application and detects the presence of a manifest, the operating system DLL loader is directed to the version of the DLL corresponding to that listed in the manifest.If there is no manifest, the DLL loader loads a default version of all DLL dependencies.

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