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All of this leaves fewer options for makers of expensive, professional-grade software, who neither a) do free-to-play or b) want to charge as little as a buck for their software. So, unless Apple changes the App Store business model for makers of pro software, what are the solutions for niche app developers weighing the i Pad Pro as a new computing platform?

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Still, Petschnigg says, "there’s clearly something amiss right now" when it comes to app monetization.

Much of the marketing around Apple’s new i Pad Pro has been centered on its ability to run professional grade software and the variety of creativity apps it supports.

But for smaller developers of pro software, the i Pad Pro may present more of a quandary than a new computing platform. Despite the new tablet’s processing power and capabilities, it’s still running on mobile software — and developers aren’t totally convinced the economic incentives exist in the App Store for i OS.

But, as desktop and mobile platforms converge, Liscio says, "that’s when the mobile pricing structures will have to be different." The founder of Paper by Fifty Three, a free app revered by designers that was originally created for the i Pad and has been optimized for the i Pad Pro, says all of this is just "the reality of software." "Maintaining software is more expensive than building it in the first place," Fifty Three co-founder and CEO Georg Petschnigg says.

"The first version of Paper, we had three people working on it.

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