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Then continue reading for advice from a girl who has made the first move and has had guys make the first move both successfully and not so much. If she isn’t looking you in the eye and tries to change the subject, she isn’t interested.[Read: 15 best ways to ask a girl out and get her to say yes]Some girls like making the first move, but many of us still love that old-fashioned guy who makes it clear what he wants. The worst thing that could happen is she turns you down and you move on. But if she strokes your arm, laughs at your jokes, and makes eye contact, go for it.A lot of men think a woman should automatically be flattered by the interest, but that is not how it works. Maybe she is in a relationship or not interested in men at all.Don’t assume your compliment is always something she wants. Ask her opinion on your outfit or what he favorite food order is. One of the first things you need to do when it comes to knowing how to make the first move on a girl is to be realistic. The thing about confidence is that it comes from within.

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Others will go heavily sexual right then and there.Don’t go into the first move with a negative outlook, but rather a realistic one. So even if she isn’t interested, you will keep your cool, be respectful, and be happy you tried.[Read: We’re so glad you want to know how to respect a woman]#9 Talk about it first.But if you are looking for some more specifics like should you wait until the end of a date or go for it at dinner?Or should you go in for a kiss or a full makeout session?

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