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He texted me that he was there at pm, I was walking around the corner.Now, I should mention, this gentleman was 51, told me that he was 6’4″. So, that’s a little off and I know this is not going to go anywhere romantically simply because he lied about the most basic thing AND, I just can’t. We were talking and as it turns out, he works for an online publication that writes about my boss so we actually did have some nonsense to talk about.’, have him say ‘anything under 5’8″‘ and then be like ‘oh yeah, I am busy, perpetually busy, actually never free, don’t know why I signed up for this, I am literally never going to have time to meet?! Perhaps, I am one of the few that actually does read someone’s profile particularly for deal breakers – such as they can’t stand cigarette smoke or they’re vegan, or they love house music and raves and clubs, or they’re douchebags. I see something written that I actually am not fond of, hello left swipe my dear friend! I’m not trying to be his kids’ mom and as long as that boundary is set, it wouldn’t affect whether or not I would go out with someone.

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I make mention of being awkward and having no filter in one of my profiles and it is true. The only time I reread is to make sure everything is spelled correctly.Therefore any site that allows me to, I put an age minimum requirement to contact me (no maximum though…? If I start texting someone on Monday and they’re free to meet up for a drink after work – sure!) I have met a few that were under my 35 rule, but by a few, I mean 1. I don’t need to wait until Tuesday or any other day.I ‘matched’ with a few different guys – even met up with two and they seemed fine, no real chemistry but nothing bad. He was traveling for work so we actually did talk for awhile. He was back in New York and was in Midtown – so I suggested grabbing a drink after work, he obliged.Now during this process, there is something one must understand – I work for Satan.

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