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If the question is "What is the name of your first pet? It would not be possible to provide a complete list of every possible name for your pet.In this example, there would be one concept -- "name of first pet".For this one question, a total of 5 concepts are required.

Each will have a unique encounter_id and encounter_type.

The primary term should be the word(s) used most often by those who will have access to the records to prevent duplicate concept creation.

A shortened version of the primary name for use in space-constrained contexts (e.g., a column header in a spreadsheet).

The concept dictionary represents a fundamental building block of Open MRS.

Similar to a dictionary defining the function, meaning, and relationships of the words, the concept dictionary defines the name, code, and appropriate attributes for any observations or data collected (including medical tests, drugs, results, symptoms and conditions).

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