Difference between validating and validated events in vb net

This process is a second line of defense to ensure that the customer does not get the non compliant products.Control quality process looks at the deliverable and mark it verified if it is line with the project management plan, else it raises the change request in the form of a defect.Verification has to do with checking against a current set of data that takes more resources to discover than Validation.For example, checking if an email has already been registered or not requires a lookup of existing registered users or another example would be checking if a zip code entered is actually a real zipcode by looking through a database of registered zipcodes.This process takes Quality control measurement into account while analyzing the execution process.

The assurance process may involve frequent audits, recommending changes in the development processes and training staff so they produce better deliverables.More specifically, validation is doing as little work as possible to check the very basic assumptions of the data.Verification: Occurs after Validation in that it is more complex and you would always use validation first and not allow verification if the validation did not pass.Where I come from, to "verify" means to make sure you are solving the equations correctly.Does the code you implemented accurately compute the equations you mean to solve?

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