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If you or someone you know has experienced a difficult loss, I encourage you to visit our website and read our article series, “Coping with Death and Grief.” You can also learn more about the four aspects of growing and becoming well again by reading our Q&A, “Moving Forward after the Death of a Loved One.” Finally, we also have additional helpful at our online store.

And as always, you can schedule a time to speak with one of our licensed counselors.

We were married for 15 years but we discussed if one of died we would want us to find happiness and love again, which gives me piece of mind but still miss him everyday. Yes, I want to get back to some sort of normal life, but I get tugged into this grief pattern from time to time. How long does grief sit in your heart and make it impossible to do things without my wife? I'm learning that this is a process that takes time.

My wife passed away Nov 26, 2016, after she faught a 6 year battle with lung cancer. Our 30 years together were amazing, a true fairy tale of love. We have counselors here at Focus who are available to talk with you by phone to offer encouragement and assistance (at no cost to you).

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Fully experiencing the pain provides genuine relief. You will have to take on some of the responsibilities he or she held. Through it all, you can find new routines that can give you some sense of comfort.“The method and pace of moving forward varies depending on the age and stage of your children.Generally, a parent must move slower and more carefully the younger their children are.” No matter their ages, it’s important for parents who have experienced loss to talk with their kids and explain that no one will ever replace the parent they lost.The online naysayers say Patton has moved on “too soon.” But is getting engaged 15 months after a spouse’s death too soon? While we don’t know the ins and outs of Oswalt’s particular situation, we do know this: There’s no hard-and-fast “timeline” when it comes to grieving the death of a spouse and to giving yourself another chance at love.“Grief is never ‘fully done,’” says Geremy Keeton, who serves as the director of our counseling services department here at Focus on the Family.

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