Dating your roommate

“Discussions should have been had long before the romance materialized,” she says.

“However, if passion won the best of you — someone needs to break the information to the roommate.”Winter advises that you talk to the ex to decide who best to talk to your roommate about what happened.

House cautions, however, that in order for this situation to not blow up your friendship, you have to really consider the feelings of everyone involved.

“Stay clear of ever dating someone whose feelings are unresolved for their ex,” she says. It's messy, and regardless of what your friend may say to you now — there will be emotional fallout on someone’s part.” Leckie adds that your roommate's feelings should take priority if you want preserve that friendship and living situation.

Don’t just hear what you want to hear,” she cautions.

If you’re still not totally sure what to do about the situation, House offers this last bit of advice: “You also need to be honest and thoughtful about the possible repercussions and outcomes if things go both well and badly,” she says.

“It would definitely depend on a number of factors such as how long ago they dated, how long they dated, why the relationship ended,” Leckie tells Elite Daily.

“Most importantly though, you would need to ensure your roommate was 100 percent OK with it.” That won’t be easy, but if you're ready to do that work and take that risk, here is how the experts say you can help improve the odds of making this tricky situation work.

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