Dating to realting

Reporting is the primary tool we use to disclose important information to our stakeholders about how we manage social and environmental issues and impacts, as well as our targets and report progress against them.

See our sections on Check here to see what changes have been made to the above Act and Regulations since they came into force.

Wherever in the Code it says an LA, school or college must do something, then it is referring to compulsory obligations which are set out in the CAFA 2014 or the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

Wherever the Code says an LA or other entity should do something, this is statutory guidance. If there is any difference in what CAFA and the Code says the CAFA takes precedence.

NIKE’s tax strategy is to maximize shareholder value in a socially responsible manner by paying all required taxes in jurisdictions in which we operate.

This document outlines NIKE’s tax principles which are the core of our tax strategy.

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