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The American Psychological Association estimates between 60 and 80 percent of American college students have had a hook-up experience. She just didn't realize The Dating Assignment Most students who bow out of the extra credit assignment in Cronin's class do so because you have to ask the other person out-wait for it-in person.That sounds like a crazy reason to forgo free points until you think about what most of us do all day: stare at computers, phones, and televisions-not people. If someone "swipes" your photo to the right (and you do the same), you're notified that you could be a match for each other.What became clear was that of those 15 students, only one had ever "dated" someone."These weren't wallflowers either," Cronin says. "These were really wonderful young people-extroverted, social, and active." The hook-up culture (especially the college hook up culture) is pervasive.Barchi’s move came several hours after an NJ Advance Media report revealed the policy allowed some professors to avoid scrutiny because accusers don’t always report misconduct immediately.Barchi announced the formation of the study committee at the same time.

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You'll be surprised at what you learn once you look up from that screen.A new adviser would be found for the graduate student dating a faculty member “who holds influence over the student," she said.The “Report of the Rutgers University Committee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Culture Change” comes seven months after President Robert Barchi repealed a rule which prevented investigations into complaints older than two years.When students take on Cronin's assignment, they often come back with the same experience: The asking was the hardest part."It's just counter-cultural," Cronin reiterates. Women's Role The dating assignment has the same rules regardless of gender.

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