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This is then tabula bravo, placed below the alpha map, the new version of the New World. This is the earliest name given by the Icelandic mariners to the inhabitants of the New World, the Indians and the Inuits. At the end of Groenlant to the right you will see the name,: St. This was an old religious clan believing in Saint Thomas Becket. In 1484 German rovers or pirates from the Hanseatic cities of Hamborg and Bremen attacked Bergen in Norway and killed all the crewmembers of the Icelandic cargo fleet or better known then as the Greenlanders from old Greenland.The Island of Friesland is on the wrong side of the line. You are looking at the Hudson Bay and the year is 1569, Frobisher and Hudson a long way off to come, Frobisher in 1576. This is Iceland as Thule, the Thule people, by sailing west you hit on Herjólfsnes/Groenlant, you continue west and north and into Eiriksfjord, until you hit on Eiriksey/Groclant at the northern bottom. The center of that land was the Island of Grocelant also known as Friesland on the Mercator map of 1569.

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Built elements such as railways and roads (especially where they intersect) may be more reliable than creeks or coastlines, which may have shifted due to natural processes. After saving, you will be given the option to view or compare and overlay the map.

Select the earth icon on the left side of your modern map to open up the basemap options.

Here you can choose to use one of the standard basemaps or to import the Queensland Government Topographic Base Map service.

Imagine being able to view and search these historical maps in a modern mapping system such as the Queensland Globe. With more than 10,000 historical maps already digitised and published to the web, this pilot project is calling for your help in georeferencing a selected group of two-mile county maps. The process of georeferencing is easy - it involves assigning geographical points in common between the old and new maps and then linking the historical map to its spatial location.

The result is that historical maps can be viewed alongside their modern-day counterparts.

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