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Peter, later writing from Rome, would refer to Mark as “my son” (1 Peter ), giving evidence of the closeness of their relationship.Mark joined his cousin Barnabas and Paul in their early travels from Antioch (Acts ; 13:2-3) and, in spite of a falling out (Acts ; -39), Mark later worked closely with Paul, even being summoned to Paul’s last imprisonment in Rome (2 Timothy ).Mark would most likely have been written before Peter was martyred (AD 65), or shortly thereafter.A bilingual Hellenist, John Mark — John was his Hebrew name and Mark his Greek name — was a cousin of the wealthy Cyprian landowner Barnabas (Colossians , Acts ), and would have been a very young man at the time of Christ’s crucifixion.Some of Mark’s insights into Jesus’ significance may have come from Paul, to whom Jesus appeared (1 Corinthians 15:8).The gospel of Luke and the book of Acts are often referred to together as “Luke-Acts” because Luke wrote both of these accounts, probably within a close time period.Although the date of Luke continues to be debated, it is generally agreed that Luke wrote his gospel before Acts and after Mark.

Luke fails to mention the destruction of the Jewish temple, which took place in AD 70.Though many scholars believe the book of Mark was the first gospel written, probably within 25 years of Jesus ascending to heaven, it is notoriously difficult to date.Early church tradition defines Mark as an associate of Peter.His wealthy family occupied a significant place in early Christian communities, first in Jerusalem and later Antioch.His mother’s house in Jerusalem served as a gathering point for believers; Mark would have interacted with these believers closely.

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