Dating navy sailor

The three types of submarines are fast attack submarines (SSN), ballistic missile submarines (SSBN), and cruise guided missile submarines (SSGN).The fast attack are typically smaller and faster than the other subs and have more of a tactical mission of ship and submarine attacks, intelligence gathering, even launching cruise missiles.But like any family, when nobody else understands them, they understand each other.“To be a submariner you have to be different,” said Murtha.

When a new Sailor reports aboard any submarine and gets his boat’s submarine warfare qualification card, he’ll find blocks for pneumatics, hydraulics, sonar and even the weapons systems.

I couldn’t imagine trusting my life and the life of the boat with anyone I didn’t know personally.

If you’re on my boat and you’re wearing Dolphins, then I trust you, period.

We don’t discriminate based on what your rating or even your rank is.

My cooks should and do know how to fight a fire in the engine room, just like my nuclear-trained mechanics are expected to know how to isolate a power supply if smoke comes from the sonar shack.

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