Dating mirror

Liam, afraid that he might not be the biological father of his child, returns home and demands that Ffion show him the re-do of that specific sexual encounter, in order to prove that they had used a condom.The re-do verifies that the two of them had unprotected sex.The judges are impressed with her singing, but they suggest she is better suited for pornography. Bing returns to the stationary bikes, determined to earn back the merits he needs to enter the contest himself, and finally manages to buy a new ticket.When he enters the stage, he takes the opportunity to express his indignation and threatens to commit suicide, while other members are watching in the audience.Sometime later, having been left alone in his house, Liam goes to the bathroom and uses a razor blade to cut out the grain from behind his ear.Ash lives with his girlfriend Martha, spending a lot of time on social media, until one day he dies in a traffic accident.

To return the Princess, the kidnapper demands that the country's Prime Minister, Michael Callow, has sexual intercourse with a pig on live television, otherwise he will kill her.The artificial Ash tells her of the service's experimental stage, in which she agrees to have the replica transferred into a synthetic body, almost identical to Ash.However, Martha realises that the android is not able to replicate the small details in her loved one's behaviour and starts distancing herself from it.As a response, the android starts begging for its life.Unable to get rid of it, she ends up keeping the android in the attic, where a few years later her little daughter visits it every weekend. She notices people on the street recording her on their phones, but when she speaks to them they ignore her.

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