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These were the questions that I had been most afraid of, going into the experiment. Another organic plus of the questions: I felt comfortable and was pleased that things weren’t turning overtly sexual right away.I learned a lot about Matthew — stuff that I don’t think I would’ve gleaned from his profile or on a first date., I thought to myself before the date as I stuffed my bra with an extra ankle sock (for lift, not volume, and it’s not cheating).When I arrived, 25 minutes late despite living eight minutes away, I was worried I’d have pissed him off. Matthew was a perfect gentleman, waiting patiently by a table with the app version of the questions at the ready.

I enjoyed talking, and having a script made me feel like I could relax without having to make any stupid heavy-handed flirty small talk.This was key because as I found out very quickly, it is super easy to feel self-conscious of your answer or worried you answered “incorrectly” after hearing another, much more eloquent response.There was one question where we had to describe what we valued in friendships and I was like, “Uh, sense of humor?Considering we’d just sat through two and a half hours of probing questions, it wasn’t as hard as I thought, but it was still awkward AF.I’m not sure the small talk made things easier, since we both knew whatever superficial dumb questions I lobbed at him about dogs were just there to distract the both of us.

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