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Older men, it seems to me, are like gold dust on the dating scene right now.

From salt-and-pepper George Clooneys to silver-fox Harrison Fords, young women are swooning over smooth older men more than ever.

It’s been a long time since I’ve met a Korean man in a bar like that. He’s got a busy day planned, so I told him not to ask me for sure until tonight because I think he might be tired, but he says he won’t be. A real Samsung guy in the flesh who doesn’t post fake pictures on Tumblr. She says there are about 80 babies there that have to sleep with the light on and have bad skin because not enough people can take care of them. The Gyopo across the table laughed and said, “Oh yeah. Thus, I explained, Samsung guys or guys like them, are a perfect dating pool for me. If you have had more than two girlfriends in your life, you are probably not what I am looking for. I wrote back to every single one, except for the single penis shot I got. I got a few yesses, that I met, and then they turned into no’s. A maybe that I was supposed to meet tonight (my fault that it took so long, not him) and that I am really excited to meet. My boss asked me to take a training course that involved me reading college textbooks and articles.

I totally had forgotten about the Korean business card exchange. My new Korean co-worker has already tried to get me to go to church with her, saying the men there are all good catches, and often single, and I think she’s right. I also got a lot of funny stories.* A few of which I’ll share here.______________*One of them leads to a marriage proposal, so there’s always that option, should I choose to take it. I pulled two all-nighters in the final week of the training. The course, of course, was amazing, and probably worth it in the end, but it was draining. Tangentially related to the entire race thing, he came forward and said exactly what I’ve been saying (and, coincidentally, what got me into trouble in the first place and started the entire racial slur thing) from his own mouth. Maybe not in the manner I would have gone about it, but he did. Did the people he was referring to even stop to think that maybe he was being honest?

Which, considering I ended up in a motel last Saturday with the Samsung guy I had a date with who runs marathons, but nothing happened because we were both tanked, this is a good thing. But if that’s the last I see of him, I will have wished to have done more. We sat in our room and cracked up as our coworker carried the soju bottle next door. Unfortunately, right before joining them, I had made plans with Ramen to go meet him and his friends. As I’m getting older, it’s harder to meet people the way I used to. That I want a man who has a job, and a future, and is smart. I got messages from guys who’d had more than two girlfriends begging me to give them a chance.

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He decided to send me hearts a few days ago, and hasn’t stopped. I haven’t spoken to them in some time, and assuming from their Kakao Story, they all have new girlfriends. But, I’m not going to hide behind anything because I know that I have shown more respect than I needed to (some of the guys, Korean or not, didn’t deserve it) and I missed writing. This could work, or it could dissolve into nothing. He’s got a lot of work to do at his hospital, and I’m currently clocking overtime of 50 blocks of teaching time this month in the classroom. The bad news is, I could easily see this falling by the wayside, even though he’s pretty great, from what I know. So people pretend there is drama where there is none.I didn’t want to call him directly the day after, but I did want to stay in touch with him. If all things go according to plan, my interesting-for-all-the-wrong-reasons, yet generally un-eventful dating life, should soon start to pick up. I’m sure most people are at least aware of the Anipang craze sweeping Kakao. Sure, it all got sorted out in the end, but I’ve still got to deal with the aftermath. I guess it’s just hard, coming from my background, and with what I’ve dealt with growing up, to face a bunch of people that have no idea what it feels like to have a racial slur thrown at them, over what? Hilarious that you were called nasty things, that no one should even say to their worst enemy. And it just so happened that I was dating Korean men, because, hey, I live in Korea. There are people that were amazingly wonderful and helpful to me (of all races) during the entire Race Thing. You’re supposed to be a normal human being, step back, and look at your actions. I thought that, oh crap, he thinks I’m sending him my broken heart. She and I get along really well, partially because we have similar Korean pop culture backgrounds, which is initially how we started talking. (This version, as presented by the Canadian, was not how I normally play. And it was my second time to give a dare so I told the guy to take the soju bottle, and go next door. Much to my surprise, he texted me a few hours later asking me how I am. I explained to her a few times how I don’t always go for the typical guy that girls would. Not King Game, the awful Korean game that ends up with me always being uncomfortable, but the American/Canadian game that sometimes ends up with, well, me being uncomfortable. As a joke, I copied the Anipang message and sent all my friends a broken heart in place of the real thing. I waited a few hours and wrote back that it was a joke. I figured I’d just let it end there, since he is clearly not going to declare his love to me via Anipang and that I was stupid to send it to him. She lived outside of Korea for ten years, so she understands both Western and Korean culture well. We started talking about Korean guys and what it’s like to date them.

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