Dating hamlet book summary

This is partly a story about a woman who refuses to accept her station in life.

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In Dating Hamlet, this idea is explored further, with Ophelia learning unexpectedly that not everything that happens to you while you’re pretending to be insane is good for you.Hamlet is visited by his father’s ghost, who gives details of his murder by the man who is now King.This may be medieval times, when girls are supposed to stick to simple hobbies like growing flowers, but Ophelia has a few ideas of her own about how to remedy this situation.The novel reveals a different reason for Ophelia's purported madness (like Hamlet's, it is a feigned "antic disposition") and offers an extended ending to the play's conclusion, beginning once the bodies of Hamlet, Laertes, and the Queen are taken to the castle morgue.Purists would cringe, but I like the more positive re-imagining of Hamlet and Ophelia's fate -- much like Ann-Marie Mac Donald's reinterpretation of Desdemona's and Juliet's roles.

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