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In April 2020, the I Ask campaign will enter its second year, as we continue to explore the importance of consent and empower everyone to put it into practice.In April 2020, the I Ask campaign will enter its second year, as we continue to explore the importance of consent in healthy relationships and empower everyone to put it into practice.She is the author of four relationship advice books, has nearly a quarter million active forum members, over 600,000 Facebook fans and over 1.4 million Twitter followers.First dates are more important than most people realize.April Masini: If you had one date and your partner doesn’t respond to your text, and doesn’t initiate any on his or her own, then they’re just not into you.

Instead, stay in the moment (not the past) and get ready for awesomeness. Don’t trash talk anyone or anything on this first date. A great way to stand out is to bring a gift on the first date. You’re demonstrating that you’re unique and funny and not the average Joe. Throw caution to the wind and quit hedging against bad dates by saving your Saturday night for something better.

This also shows that you think she’s special, not a filler for an empty night. Asking someone out in advance also gives you both time to get ready for what’s to come, especially when there are six days between the asking and the meet up. You know that mundane ‘first date’ you went on with that guy you met on Tinder? Consider breaking the cycle and treating this first date like an opportunity to meet someone who’s a truly decent person, who is fun and interesting will help make your dreams come true.

You know, the one where he asked you if you wanted to ‘hang out’ with about one hour notice, and you met for a coffee conveniently located at the coffee shop right by his place? Yeah, yeah, I know — you’ve been burned, cheated on, dumped, lied to and divorced. Don’t consider this date an opportunity to rant and rave to someone about the unfair hand love has dealt you or why you’re single. If you show up with flowers, an interesting book, a cake pop, fresh strawberries or something clever that happens to also tie into your conversations preceding the date, you’re showing that you’re different.

The second time they don’t respond to your texts is when you should move on.

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt at first, because life happens.

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