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The advantage over previous methods of photographic reproduction that allowed for only a single reproduction at a time, was that the inventor, Frenchman Adolphe Disderi had patented a photographic method in 1854 using the 'multiplying camera-obscura', that took multiple separate negatives on a single plate thus reducing production costs.Later versions of this camera took 8 and then 12 negatives on a single plate.Register for the free Basic subscription and receive access to their Price Guide with over 1,000,000 actual prices.Note that their Buyer's Price Guide is available only with a paid membership, along with some other areas of the website.Most cartes de visite depict individuals or groups in a studio setting, although some landscape examples do exist.However the era of the carte de visite was short-lived.This guide is designed to help you identify undated Yankee ticket stubs but the method can be used to help identify ticket stubs for other teams.Using ticket & tax prices, the name of the printing company, team logo, game number, team presidents, series letter ticket color, and ticket design these tickets can be narrowed down to a specific year.

Other types of photographs, such as the larger cabinet card slowly replaced the carte de visit as the preferred method of recording family portraits.

Web styles may have continued to be made years after they were introduced but in general the web can be dated to a specific era. Official National League & American League Baseball Dating Guide.

Spalding manufactured National League Baseballs, and Reach manufactured American League Baseballs, for about 100 years until Rawlings took over in 1977.

Rawlings has been been making major league baseballs ever since.

Rawlings first started to make World Series baseballs in 1978 that features The World Series logo.

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