Dating a man with no car italian dating

Ma’am, what you know for sure about your man, and what he has shown you in the past three years is that he is about that weed life. Ma’am, you inherited his momma’s problem because he did the same thing while he was living with her. Chile, I wish I might go to work while my man sits at home all day smoking weed, and driving my car. If he is watching, caring for, and living with his children, then he is being and doing what he is supposed to be doing – Being a father. Please pack his –ish, put him out, and let him worry about not having any place to go. Stand firm, and start working on you and your children. Put him on child support, and let the courts work out the visitation and custody, which I’m certain will be in your favor considering he has no job, no money, and no place to live.And, please don’t become the bitter, angry, and difficult baby momma. He is not the man you thought, felt, or hoped he would be. Also, e-mail all your questions Terrance Dean: [email protected] Terrance Dean on Twitter: @terrancedean “LIKE” Terrance Dean on Facebook, click Make sure to order my books Mogul: A Novel (Atria Books – June 2011; ); Hiding In Hip Hop (Atria Books – June 2008); and Straight From Your Gay Best Friend – The Straight Up Truth About Relationships, Love, And Having A Fabulous Life (Agate/Bolden Books – November 2010; ).No matter when the next car show is, or how far, be prepared to be there.Not only that, but be prepared to be educated on every car at every show from engines, to tires, to paint. He wants to be sure you don't accidentally scratch the paint, so he will insist on opening the door for you.I just think that is so weak for a man to be so b****y. I’d be home taking care of the baby while he’s at work, and then be up all night. But, a smart, intelligent, and wise woman will notice his behaviors and personality within a month. You can inspire him, encourage him, and get him to change. If he isn’t about that work life, then he won’t be.He never helped with bottles and he’d ignore the baby in the middle of the night. If he is not about that family life, then he won’t be. He is about that letting a woman take care of him life. By the way, and for the record, he is not babysitting his own child. But, don’t let him back into your home once you put him out.You will never go a day, let alone an hour uninformed about the current state of his car.Don't expect fancy dates or expensive jewelry, instead expect to be the loudest car rolling through the drive-thru.

After such experience, I vowed never to date a broke guy.

In this list, I'm going to give 10 tips of advice for you to not only expect, but to experience while dating a car guy.

Conversations will normally consist of his next waxing, the newest part he plans to buy, or how clean his car happens to look that day.

He lived with his mom, didn’t have a car, but I was so into his personality. As I was told a man is supposed to be a provider, but I’m constantly fighting with a grown man on why he isn’t acting like so. What’s sad is that you moved him in with you and you knew he didn’t have anything.

Even though he was a felon I was still enjoying the time we spent. We argued about bills for months and I had finally decided I’ve had enough. He was a felon, with no car, and living at home with his momma. As a matter of fact, hell, you could have just gone downtown in your city and picked up a homeless man, brought him home, cleaned him up, and moved him in. He was a grown a** man living at home with his momma, and he didn’t have a car.

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