Dating a man with baby mama drama

Having a partner with children can be very challenging for many reasons but today’s topic is baby mama drama.

If your partner’s baby’s mama is mature, understanding, a good parent or if she has a relationship with the Lord, that’s awesome and you should consider yourself blessed!!

Please hear my heart and know that I have love and respect for any woman working hard to raise her child. We all know that it is difficult to be a single parent, even when the father is involved from outside of the home.

10 tips on how to get along with your man’s baby mama. We also can admit that no one wants to be the baby’s mother while another woman gets to be the girlfriend or the wife.

In those situations, showing her love and patience will make difficult situations easier. If the mother likes to push you and your partner’s buttons, lying, trying to start arguments or won’t let you see the children, stay in love and walk in patience.

Consider getting a mediator or someone to help you work through the rough patches if necessary. This tip is simple, everything doesn’t deserve a response! You can win her to Christ by your lifestyle and love walk! Look for ways that you and your partner can be a blessing to her and the child.

Confess that she is a good mother, she is patient and kind, she has the fruits of the spirit.

See her as a soul that needs to be won to Christ if she is not saved.Encourage your husband to set boundaries with her so everyone’s roles and expectations are clear. Be a team with your partner and make sure you two communicate.Make sure you support your partner in prayer, with your time by caring for and loving on his child appropriately and with a good attitude. Also if you have contact with the mother, make sure she knows that you love her child and want to ensure that she’s comfortable and the child has all that he/she needs.Call the mother blessed, kind, peaceful, mature etc.Confess peace and blessing no matter what it looks like. Believe that God answers prayer and it will get better.

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