Dating a guy on the rebound

The Relationship Feels Rushed Source: A healthy relationship should have time to build.In most cases, you will go on a couple of dates with someone until you are ready to be in a relationship with them.Alternatively, you may want to talk with someone and air out the grievances of your past relationship or want to learn how to cope healthily.Talking to a relationship counselor can help you move on from your relationship in a healthy manner, and help you avoid a rebound relationship.For the other person in the relationship, if you notice that your partner has a drug problem, then it may be worth to discuss it with them.What You Should Do After A Bad Breakup The wisest thing for most to do after a tough breakup is to give yourself some me time.You're Still Thinking About Your Ex A bad rebound relationship usually entails you still thinking about your ex and thinking there is still hope that the two of you will reconnect.

So how can you tell if your rebound relationship is a disaster?Source: 9While your breakup period can be a time for you to try new things, you shouldn't feel rushed into a relationship.During a period of great emotion, try being logical.Your new partner is like a substitute teacher to you.Some signs that you're still obsessed over your ex.

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