Dangers dating too early

Young love is always so exciting especially when it’s new and more so when it’s your first.

You get those butterflies in your stomach every time you think of your crush, your heart skips a beat when he smiles at you, and you could very well swoon when he asks you out because who knew the feeling was mutual?

How do you know if you’re mature enough to be in one?

There’s no specific age when one is deemed old enough to start dating.

When you’re in a relationship, you tend to neglect your priorities, especially your studies.

Rather than study, you’d rather text or Skype with your significant other. Dealing with a lovers’ quarrel can mean you don’t get to study for your big exams the next day and as a result, your grades can suffer.

And because you think you’re so mature, you also result to experimenting on things that you’re too young to deal with or have control of.This is not to say all of that will happen, but at such a young age it can be quite difficult to understand the risks or repercussions until it is too late.When you start dating at such a young age, you usually have it in your mind that you’re cooler and more mature than the rest of your peers who aren’t dating yet.And because they feel so mature, the next step is for them to start dating, which at that stage, is more a result of peer pressure than having genuine feelings of love.What they don’t realize is a relationship takes work and commitment, which is something they may not have a full grasp of yet at that age.

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