Congressman intimidating a federal employee

I am asked to …(explain how you are being harassed)When I refused a similar favor on…(mention date if possible), I was threatened with …(mention threat used) .

I was silent about these incidents for long since.. I request you to treat this as a compliant against my superior for harassment and take suitable action at the earliest.

The bill is a reaction to Lois Lerner, the IRS official who refused to answer questions about the IRS's targeting of conservative groups during a congressional hearing last month.

Lerner told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, "I have not done anything wrong," then invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on the advice of her lawyers.

Deputy Anglin was forced to quit his job shortly after arresting Gaetz. He was also forced to apologize on the House floor for his conduct.Prosecutors say the officer drew his weapon and ordered Strawn to show his hands.When Strawn pulled his hands from his pocket, a loaded .40 caliber Glock fell to the ground, and Strawn was arrested, police say.Lerner was asked to leave the hearing, but she left Republicans fuming and prompted calls for her resignation and the resignation of any official who refuses to answer questions from Congress. Firing federal workers who don't answer Congress' questions would certainly be a better idea than providing them with a paid vacation. There are probably some Constitutional issues with members of the legislative branch firing employees of the executive branch, but the bill has very little chance of actually passing anyway.The bill would also allow three-quarters of a Congressional committee to fire a federal worker if they felt the worker provided willfully false testimony. Nevertheless, it's nice to see Congress hasn't turned into a complete potted plant just yet.

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