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Google’s display network is where display ads appear.The Display network spans the vast majority of the indexable web.CPCs for financial keywords, for instance, are often significantly higher than those in other verticals (we’ll get to more on this shortly).Display ads on the Google Display Network (and other networks in general) often have significantly lower click-through rates (CTRs) than PPC ads.Quality Score is largely a result of achieving a higher than expected click-through rate, so increase your click-through rates by writing highly relevant ads that hit searchers on an emotional level so they can’t help but click.For tips on writing super-high-CTR ads, check out our study of what factors go into the best-performing ads in Ad Words.We’ll examine the relative costs of advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each online ad platform.

A higher Quality Score will raise your ad rank while lowering your CPC.Because Google serves online ads that are highly relevant to the search query, businesses that use Google advertising are able to drive highly qualified traffic to their site and landing pages.Instead of showing your ads to huge audiences that may or may not be in market for your products (like you do when you buy billboard space), you can target your ads at people who are searching specifically for the kinds of products or services you offer.Growing your business through online advertising has never been easier.That said, there’s a lot of information to get your head around, and for newcomers to online advertising, it can be a little intimidating to say the least.

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