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John Albert), bassist James Mc Gearty and drummer George Belanger.

The band garnered attention after changing their name to Christian Death and adding former Adolescents guitarist Rikk Agnew. Only Theatre of Pain was released in Europe by the French label L'Invitation au Suicide, followed by the record's release in Japan.

In 2014, the band embarked on the 30th Anniversary Catastrophe Ballet tour, beginning in Europe and continuing through the year's end in North, South and Central America.

Due to stereotypes, some may think that being a Christian and an emo are two identities that are opposing or not compatible.

Following the "Zero Sex" single, Demone opted to leave the band.

Valor recorded the two-part All the Love All the Hate concept album (1989) in collaboration with Nick the Bastard, which spawned the double A-side single "We Fall Like Love"/"I Hate You".

In 1981, they made their first vinyl appearance with the song "Dogs" on the L. Christian Death broke up amid band infighting and drug abuse. This lineup included guitarist Valor Kand, vocalist and keyboardist Gitane Demone, and drummer David Glass.

Williams assembled a new version of the band in 1983 by merging with another L. The new version of the band recorded their next two albums, 1984's Catastrophe Ballet (with bassist Constance Smith) and 1985's Ashes (with bassist Randy Wilde).

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