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Renowned gardening pioneer Beth Chatto OBE VMH has been named as the 2019 Iconic Horticultural Hero of the year at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival (previously Flower Show) — and her famous drought-resistant garden has been recreated in her memory, for everyone to enjoy. This garden is inspired by meditation and the various ways that it can be practised. Legendary plantswoman Beth Chatto passed away last year. Designed as a productive garden, this space has been created to show how our gardens can provide a direct connection with food for free and at the same time promote biodiversity for the benefit of all. Designed by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, Andree Davis and Adam White. Edible Eden is a kitchen garden packed with beautiful and tasty produce, including a formal vegetable area, unusual edibles in a forest garden and a soft fruit-growing display.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) invited a team to create a drought-resistant garden in a tribute to Beth, who passed away in 2018 aged 94. A Place to Meet reveals how small spaces can be modern and functional, while beneficial to nature, providing areas to sit, relax and enjoy entertaining on balmy summer evenings. Designed by Aleksandra Bartczak (David Jarvis Associates). The Crest Nicholson Livewell Garden is a small public park dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing. The Lower Barn Farm Outdoor Living Garden Designed by Robert Grimstead. This garden is a nod to the growing trend of outdoor living and alfresco dining, designed with a young couple in mind. She has been named as the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2019 Horticultural Hero. This garden encourages families and communities to engage with nature and spend time in the great outdoors.

I remembered a tapestry of fat succulents, now housed in the original wooden greenhouse where Chatto worked on her plants.

Guardian oaks The whole garden was built from scratch from fallow fields along a backbone of 350-year-old oaks, still the most fabulous occupants in this magical place.

The design may not be cutting edge, but it’s stylish and classic – like a Jean Muir outfit that lasts a lifetime, while the trendy will seem out of date next season.

The gravel garden is all it promised to be and looks exciting, even on a wet February afternoon, with burgundy bergenia and yellow Libertia formosa; the damp garden is atmospheric and calming; and the woodland garden is full of promise.

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Her garden layout combines asymmetry with balance, using principles from her days teaching flower arranging. Nothing shocks, but why should it – do we need to be endlessly surprised in our gardens?

Her eye for plant combinations and planting was extremely unique — and it is celebrated at this year's Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival in a way that is both immersive and inviting to all.

The Therapeutic Garden aims to shine a spotlight on the beneficial role that plants and gardening have in supporting people living with dementia, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Designed by Awarded: Gold, Best Global Impact and Lifestyle Garden and Best Construction (Global Impact and Lifestyle Garden). The Urban Pollinator Garden fuses design, function and wildlife-friendly values, focusing on plants that encourage pollinators, specifically bees, to thrive. Beth Chatto: Drought Tolerant Garden Designed by David Ward This garden is a recreation of Beth's world-famous, drought-tolerant garden, which features a range of plants adapted to cope with prolonged dry spells.

Of course, I’ve kept in touch through countless articles and images, and Chatto’s dictum “the right plant in the right place” comes to mind every time I buy something I know won’t grow in my clay garden, however much I love it.

Wandering around the garden with nursery manager Dave Ward, I was none the less surprised to see how familiar the layout and planting felt.

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