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She knows all the guys will be looking at her cute exposed toes blasting out of her cast and not her good shoe, so she wants to wear one that will balance the heel on her cast foot and that's comfortable, because gimping around on her cast foot is hard enough.

As she tries on the different shoes and walks around the apartment to model them her pet seems particularly interested (a four legged cast fetishist?

When she's done Jades can't crutch out of that room fast enough while the monitor is left contemplating the plaster residue with her finger that Jade has left on the corner of the desk.

Crutching Physical Therapy After weeks of convalescing sexy Zazie is finally ready for physical therapy.

The etymology of the chat Aikido stems from three Japanese characters.

the monitor makes her put her casted foot on the desk so she can it at all times.

As the test continues the monitor starts making small talk with Jade, asking her about her cast and if her foot gets cold, Jade answers "yes" sarcastically, "Because it is naked" the monitor continues small talk while she fondles Jade's toes, and you can see by the look on Jade's face her discomfort while her friend directly behind her looks on in disbelief.

But as soon as she comes into the room that female monitor gives her teh same look she sees guys have when they check out her naked toes on mass transit and think she doesn't notice.

her casy foot is restless, she bends down to rub it and soon her naked toes find the desk drawer and open it.

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