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El detective encargado de la investigación, Jared Padalecki, aparece en una de sus clases en busca de información.Lo que debía ser una entrevista olvidable, será el inicio de una relación inesperada a la que Ackles parece no poder resistirse, y que pondrá de relieve los muchos secretos que orbitan entorno a la mítica ciudad de Roana y también a la vida del tranquilo profesor.Life changes in ways no one can predict and they learn things they never thought possible might just actually be within reach! He’s been turned from civilian to priest due to a demon possessing his lovely wife Danneel.His devotion to God has gone above and beyond sitting in a church every Sunday and he works alongside some local hunters to exorcise any and every demon they come across.Create a new account You need higher reputation to do that.Lauren Cohan is an American who went to University in England.However not everyone is pleased that omegas are finding a voice and campaiging for their rights.

Experience a fresh new way to meet real people for casual dating, love, and friendship.No importan sus intenciones iniciales, porque una vez que se vea de frente con el otro líder neutral, todo cambiara. Allie Sanders was the newly hired manager of 5 Seconds of Summer.At first, all is well, but Allie’s darkest secret was revealed, and things take an unexpected turn of events. When Meredith Pearson's house burns down and her whole world goes topsy turvy she turns to her bestfriend Adam!Secretos del pasado y del presente parecen interponerse entre los dos pero, mientras intentan comprender todo lo que les une, la atracción entre ambos escribirá su propia historia After a spell to reveal the truth about a secret Damon has been hiding goes terribly wrong, Bonnie and Damon wake up in a completely different universe.One where instead of Bonnie and Damon, they are Kat and Ian, actors on a supernatural hospital soap opera called "Vampire MD." The two of them are left face to face in a vaguely familiar world with people who look and sound just like their friends, and enemies, but could not be further from the real thing.

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