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As long as the conduct does not present a conflict with the employer’s business, the activity should be allowed.However, whether blogging falls under the list of protected activities has yielded varying results in case law. A new trend is increasingly taking hold, where companies looking to reduce their health care costs have established not just a "no smoking" policy, but a "no smokers" policy.

Whether your company can do this depends on where you live, as some states have laws preventing employers from discriminating against smokers, but other states provide no such protection and leave employers free to fire employees who smoke.

For more information see the Workplace Fairness page dedicated to Social Networking and Computer Privacy.

Additional information can also be found at the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Blogger's FAQ on Labor Law.

Two of my coworkers have warned me to be careful, as there have just been rumors of people in the past possibly having relations and the woman was always the one to be terminated.

It is indeed legal to prohibit dating between coworkers (with a few exceptions, such as in California, where courts have ruled that the state constitution provides broader privacy protection in employment matters).

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