Brian molko is dating

I'd say he's a shade under 5' 6" in the evening (which was when I saw him play). Brian was totally dwarfed by the gangly Placebo bass player, Stefan, who looks about 6' 2" to me.said on 22/Aug/16Rob, the more I look at him with other people in pics the less I'm convinced he's a full 5'6" guy. I think it would be spot on for him as he definitely looks taller than 5'5" but not quite a full 5'6".Building on a template established by Jim Maclaine - David Essex's bacchanalian train-wreck of a rock god in That'll Be the Day and Stardust - Molko epitomised knowing excess, and not solely because he swanned through more showbiz parties than Meg Mathews even knew about.Sexually ambiguous and pretty, Molko nevertheless displayed the sexual discernment of a tomcat.

Started off as a one-shot, addressing the whole commotion around having sex with straight men.

because I also often said 158cm visiting dating sites etc. Shortie for a boy, kind of average for a girl, so I definitely don't think he would exaggerate his height.

said on 18/Nov/05yea right he's neither 5'6 or 5'2 he's my freakin hieght he's 5'4 ok and if u dont believe me well DO IT!!!

This is all well and good, but it's not quite enough, and what was once an element of danger has been usurped by Placebo's new traditionalism. Eulogising the May Day riots in London, it utilises the old Black Panthers' slogan, "dope, guns and fucking in the streets".

Essentially preposterous, it's thrilling whenever Warfield pitches in, and you're left wondering why he is used only once.

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