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They are suffering a delay in relocation at the moment - that could happen to anyone.

You can't judge Theoben by the builders that have let them down, who were themselves held up by the extrordinary weather we had over the last month or six weeks. Expecting everything to run perfectly every time is never going to happen.

Instead fo slagging off Theoben, you should be castigating their web designer for not doing his job prooperly.

They need a new website manager/designer, but probably have just bought a template that has little security on it.

I haven't phoned them for a while but i did hear that the person in question that upset so many has gone, i think they may have even told me themselves last time i rang.

This one woman stopped her car and yelled from the window "isn't somebody going to stop her?

" we all looked at the lady like she was stupid and then she drove off.

You need to put things into perspective and look a bit wider at the root causes for these things. I have an old rifle to send them for a complete strip down and reblue.

I asked about availability at the moment and was asked, because of the current situation over the move hold up, could I wait a month or so before sending it to them. The modern generation have come to expect everything immediately - patience is a virtue though!

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