Australia post tracking not updating 1 op 1 webcamsex via iphone

Or you could just wait another day or two since the usual transit time for EMS to the US is about 3 days.

I would say it should appear after 3 days, at least as number registered and accepted.

I gave a lot of thought into whether or not I should order a 00 item from overseas. I have only shipped EMS packages to my USA address while in Japan and had no issues.

If I was unclear about the tracking number, it does not register on the Japan Post website. Personally, I have never purchased anything online from Japan so I cannot speak to that.

Simon of Maldon Jewellery aims to help his customers by providing tracking information in emails.

Today he’s got some useful tips on how to achieve this and get the most out of Royal Mail’s tracking.

Two great tracking tips from Maldon Jewellery, if you’ve got any great time saving, information gathering or service related tips to share drop us an email as we’d love to write about them on Tamebay.

It has been 3 days since "shipped" but when I try to track it on Japan Post's website nothing comes up. Shouldn't it at least have a input for acceptance by the Japanese post office? You should be able to track it at least till it hits the outbound port leaving Japan.

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