Aussie men dating

Besides, why does a woman even need to fear rejection, when she has a much higher chance rate of a man saying yes?You often hear feminists saying that “men can’t handle rejection” so they get angry or lash out. They probably just got rejected for the 100th time because they weren’t in the top 10% of men that women go after. I’m sure if women were rejected over and over so many times, they too would become angry.Many guys take the outgoing and free nature of aussie women as someone who is okay with getting laid anytime.No matter, how funny it may sound to me as an Aussie woman myself, the fact is the reality is quite opposite to what many dudes think.If she really was “traditional” then it would mean she’s happy to be at home raising kids, looking after her husband, and being a good house wife.Of course, she has no intention of doing any of this.Dating is a brutal, soul crushing experience for 90% of Australian men.Rejection after rejection, dating destroys a man’s self esteem.

Australian women are rarely rejected, so on the rare occasion that they are, they don’t know how to handle it.

If after trying everything you failed to impress your dream girl, then make sure she does not have a girlfriend. 😀 You need to have a cocktail of emotion, healthy flirting, sharp humor, good personality, heavy wallet and so on to impress the blonde of your choice.

Australia has produced some pretty talented and not to mention good looking Aussie men.

In gynocentric countries like Australia, men suffer what is known as “dating inequality”.

As any Aussie man will tell you, women have the upper hand when it comes to dating.

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