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If these CSWP videos were helpful to you and/or you’d like to see more, please let me know.

If enough of you find value in these, I’d be willing to put together additional videos for some of the other presentations and workshops I deliver.

I removed the notepad added extension and before saving the file to the directory, I checked the logs to make sure I was indeed having the same issue. Originally with the proxy “false” setting, I thought that would bypass or disable usage of the proxy. Here’s a sample of the machine.config file for your reference: After I amended the machine.config file and saved it to the correct location, I started another retry of the installation. It successfully finalised the installation and went on to configuration.

Over the last few months I’ve not done any hands on technical work.

Yesterday (Tuesday October 11th, 2016) I started a routine install of Azure AD Connect.

Build Exception Message10/10/2007 1 INF Entering function String Resource Manager.

Get Resource String10/10/2007 1 INF Resource id to be retrieved is Exception Info for language English (United States)10/10/2007 1 INF Resource retrieved id Exception Info is An exception of type was thrown.

If there’s a silver lining to the fact that I’m doing the demos after the actual presentation, it’s that I was able to take more time than I normally have (within the context of a 75 minute session) to show some extra content and go off the beaten path a bit more. I made every attempt to keep the quality high, but if something gets “lost in translation” or you have other issues, please let me know.

I enjoyed putting these videos together, and in the past I’ve tossed around the idea of doing more videos like this.

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