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Allah is the god that those who follow Islam worship. As you get into Muslim dating, you will quickly discover the importance of Muslim art. It is a type of devotional music that you can typically hear in public services.

The designs are often decorative, abstract and floral. This type of music is present all of the world, including in various western countries.

When it comes to Muslim dating, there are certain rules you might be subjected to.

Ultimately, which rules are followed depends on how traditional your partner is.

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Muslims in western countries may not be as traditional as those who were brought up in eastern countries.

Ask them about their religion, their beliefs and their traditions.

This will prevent any possible confusion as you continue getting to know each other. People from all races and walks of life can follow the Islamic religion.

Other traditional music includes different forms of North Indian and Arabic classical music.

However, the country someone is from can determine their personal musical tastes.

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