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Any guy that is worth having should be able to understand that is you, not your hair, not your clothes, not your make-up that makes you worth being with.We only have a stronger advantage of weeding out the guys who really don't see us as the strong, beautiful women we are on the inside. Anyways I find it hard to take it on to the next level(deeper level) ie to be honest about my condition and open up,so i spent most of my teenage years avoiding relationships... I was dating a guy and when he realised I had a wig he just could not handle it. Most times I manage to attract a guy`s attention then on to some action, the usual stuff but touching my hair"wig" is out of bounds and obviosly the guy would not know why my behaviour is so weird.Always worried about what the guy would do or think when he found out about my alopecia.

The only difference is the things I have mentioned above are more socially accepted.

I have had AU for over 10 years and it is a part of me.

Whether a man chooses to be with you should be because he loves you and I find that when I learned to accept it then they were much more accepting of my condition.

Honestly I just don`t have hair on my head but he had 100 problems compared to me. but I always remind myself that at least it doesn't affect my four healthy limbs and other faculties. and there ARE amazing guys out there who will accept and love you for who you are on the inside.

Haha if a guy can't handle it you don't need to waste your time. my first boyfriend knew me throughout grade school and saw the physical changes my hair went through, and yet he still found a way to love me for who i was, not for the way i looked.

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