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Nevada is largely desert and semi-arid, much of it within the Great Basin.Areas south of the Great Basin are within the Mojave Desert, while Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada lie on the western edge. Before European contact, American Indians of the Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe tribes inhabited the land that is now Nevada.Please note: We expressly point out that our calculated results may differ from the actual display regional membership; this is not inconceivable.We have, as far as we are able, the calculation method optimized so that useful guidance values are calculated.Most of these ranges have endorheic valleys between them, which belies the image portrayed by the term Great Basin.Much of the northern part of the state is within the Great Basin, a mild desert that experiences hot temperatures in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter.

At one time, the state's official tourism organization, Travel Nevada, stylized the name of the state as "Nevăda", with a breve mark over the a indicating the locally preferred pronunciation Nevada is almost entirely within the Basin and Range Province, and is broken up by many north-south mountain ranges.

The discovery of silver at the Comstock Lode in 1859 led to a population boom that became an impetus to the creation of Nevada Territory out of western Utah Territory in 1861. state where prostitution is legal, though it is illegal in Clark County (Las Vegas), Washoe County (Reno) and Carson City (which, as an independent city, is not within the boundaries of any county).

Nevada became the 36th state on October 31, 1864, as the second of two states added to the Union during the Civil War (the first being West Virginia). In 1940, with a population of just over 110,000 people, Nevada was by far the least-populated state, with less than half the population of the next least-populated state. The tourism industry remains Nevada's largest employer,).

The area formed part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, and became part of Mexico when it gained independence in 1821.

The United States annexed the area in 1848 after its victory in the Mexican–American War, and it was incorporated as part of Utah Territory in 1850.

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