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The Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAAA) modified the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2009, expanding the group of people who will be covered and putting more emphasis on employers’ behavior when cases go to court.

From a comprehensive explanation of the amended Act to necessary accommodations and best practices, this Americans with Disabilities Act training course teaches supervisors how to navigate the legal dangers that arise when disability issues are mishandled in the workplace.

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Whatever the case these statements convey beliefs and attitudes that ultimately take away from the dignity and respect that should be afforded all individuals.  Generation Xer’s have no work ethic and do not know the meaning of the word loyalty.

And when it comes to diversity, language can be a bridge for building relationships, or a tool for creating and maintaining divisions across differences.

Having a common language for talking about and across difference is essential for breaking down divisions and working towards achieving understanding and partnership.

In developing a common language around diversity it is important that language be affirming and not about creating blame, guilt or pity.

Historically our challenge with language as it relates to diversity is that it has often been used as a tool of oppression for the express purpose of establishing and perpetuating systems of dominance and hierarchies between and among groups.

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