7 year age gap dating

I personally think this way about dating that 16 the youngest and like 22 the oldest, but I am 17. If I had followed that formula, I would never have dated my current wife, and we're PERFECT together. I think when you look at what society thinks are the norms, the formula works pretty well.When your at much older age then I think 10 years at a MAXIMUM. Most of people would not have an issue with a ten year age gap when the couple was 45 & 35, even less so at 55 & 45. if it's right, don't let anyone talk you out of it.I would i guess try to get feedback on her way of seeing things as well so that will give u an idea.I do see this like a good thing between u two but i just wanted to put alittle different spin on the subject. However depending on the age you use you can get a huge age cap. Don't let society or someone else's "rules" tell you how to live, so long as you're not breaking any laws!Its also really important to talk about what u expect from the relationship.

Anyways down to business I think that a 30 year old and a 23 year old going out is acceptable, There is not a huge age gap. You met and dated your wife and seem not to care what anyone else's popinions are about whether your age gap is acceptable. However, some people are not willing to go outsdie such societal norms.

I guess i just dont want u to look at it likes its guaranteed.

I would treat this just like any other relationship and also if it doesnt work out then maybe u could still be friends but its hard so maybe not.

I think what's important here is that you are at similar stages in life- both completed college and working.

I wouldn't say that men in general are more immature than women (seems a grossly ignorant generalization, doesn't it?

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