17 and 19 dating

In this article, Éducaloi explains the rules on the age of consent to sexual activities. In Canada, the minimum age for consenting to a sexual activity is 16.If a person took part in a sexual activity with someone under the age of 16 and a complaint is filed with the police, the law doesn't recognize the young person's consent.For example, if a person is accused of sexual contact with or sexual assault of someone under 16, the person charged with the crime can't use the defence that the young person consented, even if the sexual activity was voluntary.There are some exceptions to the rules explained above.What’s important is that you feel like your relationship is equal.One way of testing whether a relationship with someone older is healthy is to ask if they would like to be introduced to the people who look after you.Q: I was 41-years-old when I was dating a lovely 16-year-old girl.

The law doesn’t really talk about dating - instead, it talks about what two people do between them.People under 16 are allowed to voluntarily have sexual contact with each other, as long as the following conditions are met: The law always takes into account consent for people 18 years old or older.So, a person accused of a crime can raise as a defence the fact that his or her adult partner consented to the sexual activities. This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec.So, whilst the law doesn’t specifically talk about dating between adults and young people, people do sometimes become concerned about large age differences.Often it’s not possible for a young person to have the same level of confidence and understanding as an older adult.

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